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BlockHack was started in late 2017 to build an international blockchain and crypto community. The genesis for the idea came from Pankaj Jain. He was visiting Bangalore, India and wanted to get a feel for what the blockchain and crypto communities in India were up to. Thus was born, BlockHack. We're just getting started and hope to do more events in New York, Bangalore and Delhi as well as other cities

If you're passionate about communities, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and want to make an impact, drop us a note. We are looking for passionate volunteers to help grow the community around the globe.

Our next event is on August 8th, 2018 in New York - "UX as a barrier to wider crypto adoption". Listen to Jonathan Haas, Mitch Kosowski, Umur Basur and Amy Jung talk about the need for increased focus on user experience in blockchain apps and also in core protocols.
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Check out the agenda and speakers from our New Delhi event as well as videos on YouTube and pictures on our Facebook page

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