Getting Ready for the Bitcoin Private Fork

If you’re a Bitcoin holder, you’re about to get some free Bitcoin Private (BTCP), if you’re holding your Bitcoin on a wallet where you can export your private keys. The snapshot will take place at 5pm UTC on Feb 28th, 2018 as per the BTCP website and they will tweet out the block hashes once the snapshot is complete.

One method to make sure you can claim your BTCP is:

1) Download Electrum from (please verify the download)
2) Create a new standard wallet (make sure to write down the seed on a piece of paper)
3) Transfer your Bitcoin to an address on this wallet
4) Export your private keys from Electrum and store them safely! (and please adhere to standard rules about protecting your private keys).

After the snapshot is complete, you can transfer your Bitcoin from your Electrum wallet to a new Electrum wallet or to your hardware wallet. Please make sure to move ALL your Bitcoin.

Once the fork is complete on March 1st, you can download a BTCP wallet or use Coinomi to import your private keys (the ones you exported from Electrum) or use the seed phrase to claim your BTCP. Your Bitcoin will be safe since you’ve already moved it off the Electrum wallet.

Please read this Tutorial for more details

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